We are the Scope of Practice and Medical Licensure Research Group. In 2020, the world faced a global pandemic that brought travel to a halt. In-person conferences were canceled in mass, and researchers who would normally share ideas and collaborate in these spaces were forced apart.

In light of this, Christy Horpedahl, from the Arkansas Center for Research in Economics at the University of Central Arkansas, put together an online discussion for scope of practice researchers to identify policy change and outreach opportunities. It went better than expected, and researchers wanted more. Working with Alicia Plemmons, who was at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville at the time, a monthly scope of practice workshop was born.

Since then, the scope of practice network has grown and is now hosted by the Knee Center for the Study of Occupational Regulation at West Virginia University. Every month, we provide a virtual space for researchers from many types of departments- economics, law, nursing, psychology, pharmacy, public policy, sociology, to get together to present and discuss their manuscripts or policy briefs. We also organize sessions, panels, networking events, and conferences for scope of practice research.

We are not a business or non-profit, merely a group of like-minded researchers and an overly ambitious volunteer making a website, and are not interested in any solicitations.

Contact Information:

Alicia Plemmons and Christy Horpedahl can be contacted by email at scopeofpracticeresearch@gmail.com, through their individual contact emails, or through the contact form below.